FSL closes its doors after Season 3

June 9th, 2017

After having thought about it for a long time, I have to tell you much to my regret that, after this season of FSL, there will not be another one.

After the playoffs there will still be a small sum of prize money left which I will partly use for giving our casters Sino and Mraptor as well as our Liquipedia helper Kashim a little, symbolical, monetary thank you. With the remaining rest I would like to host a last Diamond Skill Cup tournament to give all the players that have not (yet) reached Masters the possibility to win some prize money, too. I will announce date and time for that later. It will probably be the Saturday after the playoff finals.

Since the end of the second season I have kept having heavy doubts about my work for the FSL and what direction the league has taken. Even while actively preparing the third season I was on the verge of cancelling it.

Many events this season have reassured me that I am not the right person to lead the FSL any further.

I hope everyone of you could still somehow enjoy their time in the FSL despite my administration and that you had the chance to spend some happy hours in here while maybe finding a few new friends or deepen the relationship to your old ones. Then all the time would not have been for naught.

My special thanks go to:

Sino, who being our French caster has helped with enthusiasm and positive energy to make the FSL known and grow from the very start.

Koshkii, who has always friendly, always positive, burning with passion, no matter the circumstances played every match she could. Her enthusiasm is an inspiration for everyone.

Grizzly, who has although having been the underdog for a long time never stopped fighting and has never stopped facing the challenge. Her rise represents part of what I originally founded the FSL for. Thank you for showing that the FSL actually did at least something good for the players sometimes. I know it must have been a tough ride.

Miezekotze, who was the first player willing to join the FSL and has always been a complete professional about it ever since. She made my life as the admin easy.

Miyako, whose great and attractive playstyle was in big parts responsible for the FSL getting as many viewers and fans. In addition to that for her brutal honesty and her loyalty.

Sunokasuri, who as a co-founder of the AlphaSC2League and long-time admin has maybe been the only person to truly understand what the FSL meant to me the great ups and the great downs.

Thanks of course also to Kashim, our Liquipedia wizard who did all the work for the FSL Liquipedia page single-handedly.

Thanks to the sponsors, donators and viewers who supported the FSL and sometimes even found a nice word to say about my work.

And thanks to all the players across all seasons, who have been willing to present their gameplay to the public and have shown immense courage by doing so again and again and again. You are the true heroes of female Starcraft in my eyes.

I'm very sorry I couldn't fulfil all of your expectations for the league - let alone my own. Hopefully the FSL will always be a nice memory in your hearts.

See you out there on the Internet, everyone!

- Marc 'Judeau' Dochan
Founder / Admin / Webhost / Caster of the FSL


Name: Judeau
Race: Random
League: Diamond 2
Clan: Teamless